House Doctor you saved me!

  • I love stuff
  • I love teacups
  • I love tea
  • I love design
  • I love interior design
  • I love old vintage stuff
  • I love  functional homes
  • I love things with a story
  • I love spending time at home with people I love.
  • I love cooking and eating and decorating.

 and we are not gonna get into how much I love music and things outside of  a home. 

This blogpost is about how much I love collecting things for my home. How much I love house doctor

and I love House Doctor cause they help me love all the things I love even more. They read my mind. 

I was telling my boyfriend the other day, - Say something that I don't love... just one thing? And It took him a while. The only reason I asked was because he didn't wanted to go on a walk with me. Cause he didn't like walking in Sweden cause it was cold.
After like 5 minutes of thinking he came up with one thing. You hate so stand still and do nothing while waiting for a band to start there set at the Roxy in Los Angeles. Who does not hate that? There is no where to sit. I cant drink anything cause Im driving. And Im just waiting waiting... I don't really hate it I just dislike it. Its not as fun as running around doing something.
Then 10 minutes later he came up with 2 more things... U hate to eat to much unhealthy food... and you hate to hang out with boring people and you get restless if you don't have anything to do.

Im currently in Sweden,  me and my boyfriend just moved to Stockholm. We both are here for business and it's exiting to live in Stockholm. I lived here during a summer a long time ago so it feels great to be back!

But I cant wait to get back to my real home and start to fix it up as I planed. Everything there is just temporary, cause I wanted to make shure I knew how I wanted to have it before I bought any major things. The only thing I knew was that I wanted a big white sofa and I got a new one from IKEA. And my vintage earthglobe. and and... ok there are some things...
Now I have had time to think and think and think. And Im still thinking. But I know how I want it now and it feels soo good.

I have been planing to fix up my garden,... would be cute to put stones as a floor and then have a fire pit in the middle. A hammock and some comfy pillows ... and a little outside BBQ. mmm....

The most important thing in a home for me is that it works as a home. That everyone feels like home. I love having a clean white base and then add colourful things. And collect things from traveling. Thing I love. I love finding vintage things that I have a connection with. Or things that reminds me of things that I love, or family. If I had to describe my home style with a fue words I would say:  Bohemic,vintage, rustic, modern beachy living. Does that sound like Sofia? I think so! Well. we will see.

 Im exited to go on a tea hunt when I have time! Sweden and Stockholm have great tea! I got the two tea containers on the right from house doctor, they have a great store in Varberg that sell there stuff in store and online, called komin. I also got the termos there and the tea container to the right. The fabric basket to the right is from H&M s home collection. 

I hope you are having a good week. This was a loooooong blog with tons of photos but I think you will enjoy house doctor as much as I do.


photos used:   personal pictures    wikipedia

go to a spa or get a dog today?

It was an uggly day. I thought spring was on it's way. But aperently not. It was snowing again a fue days ago. Me and my boyfriend got so disipointed. What to do now? I suggested that we should go to Halmstad and get a dog. I have been looking for a puppie for a long time and I felt so sad that day and I wanted a dog sooo bad. But then my Boyfriend suggested that we should go to a spa. And yes. We went to the SPA ( we have to get the dog another day tho). It was amazing. They have an Asian Spa at one hotel in Varberg. And it was so good and beautiful, just what we needed. We spent 4.5 hours there and got each a massage treatment.

They had different relax rooms, pools, saunas and meditation rooms. Everyone including us had to walk around in black bathrobs. 

We picked the Shiroabhyanga massage. A relaxing massage, although we thought it would be more deep, but it was soft. I think we have to try an Asian or Swedish massage next time we get one. 

Here are a fue pictures below.
The first one is from the big Vitality  massage pool with different massage stations for almost every body part.

This was my favorite. The hot bath. With a stunning view. We could see Varberg and the ocean and the  Varbergs Fortress like on the picture. They had a window open so the air was foggy and cold .While the water was super hot. Pretty cool and relaxing! They played relaxing music and it was sooo quiet.

And here is the Sauna Oasis. They had 4 different saunas and 2 tropical showes and a smal super cold pool in the middle. 2 regular saunas and then 2 steam saunas. One with Saltwater and Eucalyptus  and one regular. Then the 2 tropical showers one with Mango smell and one with Mint. It was super cool.

This is the Meditation room. They had meditation classes in here but we missed it. We sat in here tho and just took it CHILL.
They had a station with diffent teas and fresh fruit right outside the meditation room. Yummie

It's pretty good to get away from all the stress sometimes. Just to find yourself again. I highly recomend to take a fue hours once in a while and treat yourself! It's worth the time and money.

Take care of yourself.
you are important!


move your boooty

I can't really say I have worked out lately.
About one year ago I started to hike everyday! For hours. I ran up Runyon Canyon and pushed myself to the limit. When I was up there I could sit and enjoy the amazing view, do some crunches and just chill and get ready for the run down.

It was the best part of the day. My own time to reflect. 
I love hiking early in the morning cause after a hike you get so much energy and you feel happy and clean. So Its good to have it over with and enjoy the feeling the whole day. 

Alot of celebs in LA are hiking at Runyon and every other day I met the Guy Teddy( Trevor Donovan ) from 90210. I used to live right by the entrance before we moved to Santa Monica and Teddy always hiked the same time as I. With out a shirt on. 

Hiking is a good way to loose weight. You can hike in your own tempo and if you push yourself hard it's good for your muscles cause you really pike uphill! It's a good intervall workout! One more thing that is good is that you wanna get to  the top. You down turn around.No quiting here!!! So I recomend hiking.  Just find some hill and get started!


I usually run for 1 minute as fast as I can then take a break for 10 -15 seconds then run for  a minute and keep doing that until Im up. Its hard but your butt gets firm and your legs look sexy. And when Im up and  it  is not as sloope I run in a normal tempo. When I have company on my hikes we usually walk or do the sprint on the really slope parts in a fast tempo so we keep our puls up! I love to feel that I just worked out so I push myself as much as I can.

Now hanging out in cold cold Sweden makes work out fall down and out on my to-do list. We currently live outside of town and it takes around 20 min to get to a gym by car... And Its so cold that I cant run outside. We have a traidmill available but I hate it. I get tired of looking at  the same thing for an hour.
So please spring. Come so I can get in shape again! I miss working out. And I miss my body. 

I need to START RIGHT NOW. summer 2011, im getting ready. I promiss you.

So Runyon Canyon was the best place to hike along with Griffith Park while living in West Hollywood right by the entraince. But moving to Santa Monica made it hard to find time to go by car to Runyon Canyon. 
So I found my new paradise. With a beautiful view of the Malibu Mountains and the Ocean.
  Ladies ang gentlemen. Let me present you Topanga Canyon.  Be careful tho. He are some picture of me and Josefin from our first hike there. The last time I hiked I brought my boyfriend and my best friend Natalie.
  And we saw a Rattle Snake. Soooo scary. In the middle of the trail. I run past it and told Nat and my boyfriend to stop. So the snake separated us and it took like 20 min until it moved. My boyfriend was sooo scared. But It was scary. If it bites you, you have about 20 min to get to the hospital before you die. But they usually dont touch you if you dont bug them. But It was scary, the Snake was huge. Like so long and fat. And it was black with yellow stripes and had a big rattle. uuuuuggggh... But dont be too scared. You usually dont see them.

I love going down to the beach after a hike with a SKVL ( skinny vanilla latte) from stabucks and just relax, read a book and love life. 

Now hanging out in cold cold Sweden makes workout fall down and out of my to-do list. We currently live outside of town and it takes around 20 min to get to a gym by car... And It's so cold that I cant run outside. We have a treadmill available but I hate it( or I dont like it as much as runnin outside). I get tired of looking at  the same thing for an hour.
So please spring. Come so I can get in shape again! I miss working out. And I miss my body. 

I need to START RIGHT NOW. summer 2011, im getting ready. I promiss you. As I write my boyfriend gave my permission to be his PT (personal trainer) today and Im going to make him work thats for sure.  



I got my first toms about a year ago. And I have been wearing them thats for sure. I have 2 pairs, and they are the most comfy shoes I know.
My feet never hurts in a pair of toms.They are amazing. I have a pair of Yellow Linen and a pair of Classic Ash ones. ( me with the ash ones below).
They go with everything. I have seen people getting married in toms! Love love love toms.

Toms have a great online store and the price for a pair is just around 40 bucks! The sole is super comfy. Like a yoga mat!

Tons of Celebs are wearing toms aswell.
The best thing about them is that for every pair of toms u buy. A shoeless kid gets a pair.
A great cause!

TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie after he took a trip to Argentina and saw hundreds of shoeless kids. These children were suffering from all sorts of diseases that were preventable... if the kids had shoes. So he came up with a novel concept: start a for-profit shoe company making a modern, hip version of the traditional Argentinian alpargata shoes where for every 1 pair sold, another pair would be donated.

And a few years later, TOMS has donated 10s of 1000s of shoes. Plus, the shoes are great looking. TOMS has tons of designs for men, women, and kids, plus tshirts and other goodies.

Spring and summer is just around the corner. And I have been looking forward to updating my toms collection. These crochet toms are super cute aswell as the chocolate ones, that are new in the toms store! Check them out!

Im going to join tom's on there One Day Without Shoes Mission and I hope you join me on April 05 this year.

Go Without Shoes

Millions of children grow up without shoes and at risk of infection and disease. One Day Without Shoes is the day we take off our shoes to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child's life.

You can find toms at several stores and online. Find the info on there website.

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