go to a spa or get a dog today?

It was an uggly day. I thought spring was on it's way. But aperently not. It was snowing again a fue days ago. Me and my boyfriend got so disipointed. What to do now? I suggested that we should go to Halmstad and get a dog. I have been looking for a puppie for a long time and I felt so sad that day and I wanted a dog sooo bad. But then my Boyfriend suggested that we should go to a spa. And yes. We went to the SPA ( we have to get the dog another day tho). It was amazing. They have an Asian Spa at one hotel in Varberg. And it was so good and beautiful, just what we needed. We spent 4.5 hours there and got each a massage treatment.

They had different relax rooms, pools, saunas and meditation rooms. Everyone including us had to walk around in black bathrobs. 

We picked the Shiroabhyanga massage. A relaxing massage, although we thought it would be more deep, but it was soft. I think we have to try an Asian or Swedish massage next time we get one. 

Here are a fue pictures below.
The first one is from the big Vitality  massage pool with different massage stations for almost every body part.

This was my favorite. The hot bath. With a stunning view. We could see Varberg and the ocean and the  Varbergs Fortress like on the picture. They had a window open so the air was foggy and cold .While the water was super hot. Pretty cool and relaxing! They played relaxing music and it was sooo quiet.

And here is the Sauna Oasis. They had 4 different saunas and 2 tropical showes and a smal super cold pool in the middle. 2 regular saunas and then 2 steam saunas. One with Saltwater and Eucalyptus  and one regular. Then the 2 tropical showers one with Mango smell and one with Mint. It was super cool.

This is the Meditation room. They had meditation classes in here but we missed it. We sat in here tho and just took it CHILL.
They had a station with diffent teas and fresh fruit right outside the meditation room. Yummie

It's pretty good to get away from all the stress sometimes. Just to find yourself again. I highly recomend to take a fue hours once in a while and treat yourself! It's worth the time and money.

Take care of yourself.
you are important!



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