Jag Älskar Dig December

Im having a hard time deciding if I should blog in Swedish or English. I feel like it's easier to be me in Swedish cause my humor can be more understood and etc. I sometimes feel like im just writing down the facts in English and my person does not  stick out? But then again it feels more natural to write in English somehow. Im wierd.

December is such a beautiful month.  Im taking in every single bit of it. I always look forward to December. Maybe it's something from your childhood. Longing forward to open all those Christmas gifts.. 
But I look forward to  December to come cause it's so cozy and kind. And it's the end of something. And the start of something new is really close.  And then everyone is really nice in December.. Maybe it's the ginger cookies as we say in Sweden...Maybe it's because of Santa.. You do not want to be on Santas Naughty list...
So far December has been extremely cozy, I have been nice... I have baked a lot.
Treated my friends with baked goods and cooked good meals and done tons of fun things!

Last week Fredrik, Anna and I went to the Troubadour to see my friend Sam play with Hunter Hayes that  I met breafly in Nashville about 2 years ago same trip where I got to know Sam as well. Hunter is a cross Country artist signed to Atlantic Records and opened up for Taylor Swifts this summer and just wrapped this years headline tour.  Im so happy and exited for Sam. He has been touring the US for months now rollin on a fancy giant tour bus. So exiting! And I know there is great things to come this upcoming year!

Sam is the guy playing the keys.

The day after the show we had a really cozy dinner party at our little yellow house.
We drank some wine, eat good food and the like music was flowing in the air.

Sam Singing...

Adam singing...
Everyone singing



This past monday it was time for Måndagsklubben that Emma, Petra and I created. We usually hangout in Downtown by last Monday we went to Ikea to stock up on some Swedish food and have some meatballs for lunch!
Tons of fun!

I finally got to frame my maps. I have been planing to have to frames above our sofa with maps of Fredriks and mine hometown.
Framed some bambu until I got some cool maps and that happend finally this week! Im really happy with them. The one of Varberg is the best, I could not find a large map of Ludvika so I added a little old photo of the Maribello bay on Crete where I lived as a child.
It turned out ok. Charming.

I have baked alot of Lussekatter.. Swedish Lucia bread. Fredrik keeps eating them so I have to make new ones... I also made Saffrans Biscotti that my friend Caroline recomended, they turned out soo good.
Thank you Carro!!
My new trick is to bake bread and buns in a ikea 365+ frying pan in the oven. Nothing gets burned. It's tricky with the gas ovens cause the heat comes from below and does not move around. My friends laugh at me... but when the buns are our of the oven looking perfect. They wish they were as cool as me! 

Natalie and I had a crafty day last thursday. Or as we say in Sweden. Sy-junta. 
I showed her how to write on fabric and how to sew pillow cases. She is very happy and did sooo good.
Her grama is going to get a pretty and awesome Christmas Gift.
Super cozy day with lovely music, almonds and fun!
If u watch the show Last Man Standing check out this episode where Natalie did a guest app.


I woke up really happy and exited. Cause it was Friday! Karro texted me and told me that she and Sebbe were going to Venice, So they came over ate a Lussekatt and we took off to Venice and Main Street. 
We walked around on the board walk, had yummie tea, and later on watched the sunset and drank some beer. We wrapped up the night at our house. Super cozy.

This is Urth's Marrocan Mint brend with Boba balls. Try it. It's soo good and healty. I bough some lose leaf Marrocan Mint tea to bring home. So yum. Sipping it right now.

The skate area in Venice. I sit here some times just to watch the ocean and the awesome skaters.. Today they were filming a commercial for Mc Donald's.

Went and saw the New Year's Eve movie. Really good! With a really good message! Go see it!

Happy Monday!
And Happy Week!
Take Good Care of YOURSELF


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