Goodbye Stockholm, for this time

Dear Stockholm,

Im so Sorry to leave you just like that!
We had fun but all fun always comes to an end.
But in our case, I know this will not be forever.
Im coming back. To make you feel a little better (and make me feel much better) I have a ticket booked and everything!
Please don't be to cold during fall and winter, I don't want my Stockholm resident friends to talk shit about you behind your back! Be cold but be sunny!
See you soon Stockholm.
And thank you for everything!



I miss Stockholm.
But I will be back in the summer to get my fix! Stockholm in the Summer... go together like peanut butter and jelly. So my plan is to stay in California during fall and winter, travel during spring and hang in Sweden during the summer! Sweeet!

Best thing about the summer in Stockholm was the Sofie and I got to spend it together in Stockholm, now she is back in Jönköping and Im back in Santa Monica.

Yummie boxvines!!

I need to make a little list of my favorite things about spending the summer in Stockholm
  • Sofie and I got to catch up, and live close to each other again
  • Work at the Coffee shop in Gamla Stan ( on the same block as Sofies job)
  • Spend time with family
  • Sun kind of never goes down
  • New friends & old friends
  • The subway 
  • Drinking boxwine in the park legally 
  • Enjoy this old and beautiful city

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