tea salon.

Me and my friend Guernica went on a bike ride around Hollywood and ended up at the Tea Salon on the corner of La Brea And Beverly. It's a lovely place that needs a visit. Everything they serve is organic and the place is really Eco-Friendly. They had the cutest Malteese dog watching the place, haha. They have plenty of tea and plenty of space! I wanna go back!

what do u think about my new ride?

I have been watching my friend Marys dog this week, she had to go on a business trip so my boyfriend and I stayed in her apt in Studio City and took care of Rilo. She only had one bike so I impulse bought this one so both of us could cruz around town. 

studio city love

Hanging out in Studio City is amazing.
Its a cute place where the tempo is chill and the people are hip.
We biked around town and went to the best urban outfitters in the LA area. 
I love the sale racks. especially the apartment stuff. I always find the best stuff there for no money!

I hung out with my friend mary! 
She showed me her Hood!
And I love it soooo much!
If u ever in the area. take a stroll around the Tujunga Village in Studio City.
My favorite place to eat is Aroma Cafe , the bookstore  Portrait of a bookstore is located in the cafe so when ur done eating u can walk in and check out there books! I just love it! And the cute bohemic stores in the area are amazing!

my favorite thing from there menu is the Salmon Sanwich with olive bread! yuuumie
lonely tree I love

photos by maryfrances, floatawaystudios

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