when we let go, we are free

I used to be really free. As free as a bird. I used to do what I wanted to do. I was not afraid. I had hope and my heart was exited about falling head first head long without a thought.

I was like a wild horse.
Running free. No fence. 
I was just free.

No rules. I just lived, laughed and loved. From the bottom of my heart.
I was me and free. and I felt free.

I lived for that. The crazy. The do what you want. As crazy it might be. 

It made me happy. 
all I want is the wind in my hair to face the fair and not feel scared.
I see the girl I wanna be, riding bareback carefree along the shore.
If only that someone was me.
Jumping headfirst headlong without a thought
to act and damn the consequence
how I wish It could be that easy.
But fear surrounds me like a fence
I want to break free.

Wild horses I want to be like you
throwing caution to the wind 
I will run free too
Wish I could recklessly love, like Im longing to
Run with the wild horses. Run with the wild horses.

There is always hope. Don't never ever stop believing in yourself. We all are special. We need to be ourselves. True to ourselves. As low as you feel. As lonely you might be. If you are the only one believing THAT IS ENOUGH


everyone have something unique. Find that in yourself. You are the only one that can find it. Don't let anyone else tell you what to do and tell you who you are supposed to be.


It's important to stop and think sometimes. RETHINK.
Is this what you want? Is this YOUR dream? Are you HAPPY?What I know of. We have one life. Our life. And you don't want to look back and say. aah I did not make my dreams come true. This life was not what I wanted. You wanna look back and say.
 Heck Yeah. That was me. Look what I learned? Look how hard I worked And it does not matter if you succeed, the important thing is that you tried. you let yourself go
To Be Free. 

There's up and there is downs. Learn from them.



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