House Doctor you saved me!

  • I love stuff
  • I love teacups
  • I love tea
  • I love design
  • I love interior design
  • I love old vintage stuff
  • I love  functional homes
  • I love things with a story
  • I love spending time at home with people I love.
  • I love cooking and eating and decorating.

 and we are not gonna get into how much I love music and things outside of  a home. 

This blogpost is about how much I love collecting things for my home. How much I love house doctor

and I love House Doctor cause they help me love all the things I love even more. They read my mind. 

I was telling my boyfriend the other day, - Say something that I don't love... just one thing? And It took him a while. The only reason I asked was because he didn't wanted to go on a walk with me. Cause he didn't like walking in Sweden cause it was cold.
After like 5 minutes of thinking he came up with one thing. You hate so stand still and do nothing while waiting for a band to start there set at the Roxy in Los Angeles. Who does not hate that? There is no where to sit. I cant drink anything cause Im driving. And Im just waiting waiting... I don't really hate it I just dislike it. Its not as fun as running around doing something.
Then 10 minutes later he came up with 2 more things... U hate to eat to much unhealthy food... and you hate to hang out with boring people and you get restless if you don't have anything to do.

Im currently in Sweden,  me and my boyfriend just moved to Stockholm. We both are here for business and it's exiting to live in Stockholm. I lived here during a summer a long time ago so it feels great to be back!

But I cant wait to get back to my real home and start to fix it up as I planed. Everything there is just temporary, cause I wanted to make shure I knew how I wanted to have it before I bought any major things. The only thing I knew was that I wanted a big white sofa and I got a new one from IKEA. And my vintage earthglobe. and and... ok there are some things...
Now I have had time to think and think and think. And Im still thinking. But I know how I want it now and it feels soo good.

I have been planing to fix up my garden,... would be cute to put stones as a floor and then have a fire pit in the middle. A hammock and some comfy pillows ... and a little outside BBQ. mmm....

The most important thing in a home for me is that it works as a home. That everyone feels like home. I love having a clean white base and then add colourful things. And collect things from traveling. Thing I love. I love finding vintage things that I have a connection with. Or things that reminds me of things that I love, or family. If I had to describe my home style with a fue words I would say:  Bohemic,vintage, rustic, modern beachy living. Does that sound like Sofia? I think so! Well. we will see.

 Im exited to go on a tea hunt when I have time! Sweden and Stockholm have great tea! I got the two tea containers on the right from house doctor, they have a great store in Varberg that sell there stuff in store and online, called komin. I also got the termos there and the tea container to the right. The fabric basket to the right is from H&M s home collection. 

I hope you are having a good week. This was a loooooong blog with tons of photos but I think you will enjoy house doctor as much as I do.


photos used:   personal pictures    wikipedia


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