indiska. one of my dream stores.

I love shopping. Not expensive things but things that I love and fit in to my life style. The best thing is to find used things that no one wants and re make them!

But there is one store that has a big place in my heart and its the Swedish store called Indiska. Bohemic Modern.

 and thats who I am.

Im sitting here on my balcony in Stockholm, spring is here. Bob Marley is  singing out from my speakers. One Love. One Heart.
Im feeling all right. Drinking my tea!

So back to Indiska.
They sell a mixture of home decor and clothing  kind of like Anthropoligie but with a touch of india.

I have been collecting Indiskas large tea mugs, they all look different but match so well together! I go in to a Indiska store everyday. Just to see if they have a new tea cup that I can add to my collection or something funky and fun for sale! Who does not like the sale racks????

Indiska was founded in the begining of the 1900 century by a woman called Mathilda. You can ready about it here.

I really wanna try to get a job at Indiska this spring and summer. Just a fue days a week. It have always been a dream.

Indiska have two restaurant aswell. One of them is  located at Hötorget in Stockholm. I have been there twice. Once with my mom where I had amazing Indian food and once a fue days ago with my two Canaidian Songwriting Friends! Great spot.

There should be an Insdiska in the US. I think it would be a huge success! Don't you?

Indiska do have a blog! They post tons of news, insperation boards and let you know about all the cool sales! Go ahead and follow it!

I love the whole concept behind Indiska!!  I love to drink tea from a cute cup. Put on some modern bohemic comfy clothes and lay on a bed with tons of colourful pillows!
Im a big inviroment friend and Im really committed to make the earth a better place for everyone as much as I can and I love that Indiska supports that and help out!

So exited.  I was reading the amazing swedish blogger Helenas blog ROOM and serve and I found out that Jade Jagger is doing a collection for indiska again ( she did one last year). I love her!! Im going to line up outside the store when It comes out in may!!

So. Im going to try to blog more on a daily basis...Lets see If I can be really good and post something every day this week!

Have a great day!



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