running running prepping for a 10K

Im on the run!!


Finally! I have been working out so much in LA but spending the winter in Sweden didn´t really motivate me to go out when Its freeezing cold.

But now, when spring is here im telling you Im running!!! I have been running around Djurgarden in Stockholm! And I love it. Its an island connected by a bridge to Stockholm city and its like 5 min away from my apartment so I love it.

Today I was more happy cause you can really see all the spring signs. The flowers are in bloom and the leaves are ready to pop out!
Im exited.

When I got back home from my run me and my boyfriend went to Faltoversten ( a shopping mall) for some sushi! The sushi there is soooo good. Have been there 3 times in 7 days. Yuuum the salmon was soft like butter.

One more thing that makes me love spring more is that I can where my Toms again. Had to get a new pair cause I left the old ones in LA.
So I picked a red pair! Love them!!

Now its time for some wine and goodbyes,... My two Canaidian songwriting friends are going back to Canada. It's gonna be so sad, aaaay?

Im planning to run a 10K in the end of the summer. I have never done a  running competition so Its gonna be fun! Just for fun!! I wanna run it under 1 hour!!

Off to pizza and party!!!

tons of Love




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