I can't wait for December. I wanna start decorate for Christmas and really get in the mood!
We have had a really nice weekend.
On Saturday I got to hang with this cuties!

 We went and got a haircut and feathers in the hair. So pretty.
And Sunday we spent at the RoseBowl Fleamarket. Soo awesome. It's my 3rd time there and I found some amazing things.
The RoseBowlFleaMarket is world famous and suuuuuper big.

After the fleamarket we went to The Grove with Emma to see the Christmas Tree Lighting it was fun. Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat played. Tons of people tho. 

tree spoons for 3 friends.

It was snowing fake snow in LA.

Emma running around in the snow... 


Today it was "Mondagsklubben" time. Me and some friends meet up in Downtown and walk around get fabric flowers etc. Today it was only me and Petra but we had a super good lunch at L.A. Cafe and got some flowers in the Flower District and I got my eyebrows done with tread. First time. They turned out soo good but it did hurt a little!

Some fashion blog people liked our style and wanted to take a picture and use it on there blog. Here is Petra signing the release. 

Had to fix my eyebrow... I was a little tired of making advertising for Mc Donalds... My brows looked like a brown Mc Donalds M. But after the first time Eyebrow thread I was back on looking human.

Love my boots. And I love pattern blocking.
This ones are from Steve Madden.

I think today is the official Missing Sanna Day. Sanna I miss u!

Hugs to everyone who want's one from the one who loves hugging. 





ps. If you wanna see my real blog font... that is really pretty for my links please download this font for free. ds.

( it's a really pretty script font). 


Lindberg said...

Vad var det för fashion blog ni ska vara med på då? :) Kramar /Angelica

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