Chalk Board D.I.Y


Hope you had a good day yesterday!
Mine was good... to start with I was kind of bored. I have tons of things to do but it's not super fun to have to do everything by yourself but after skyping with Freds dad I "Tog mig sjalv i kragen" as we say in Sweden and went to Home Depot to get some things...

I was in the mood to spray paint... I got this cool Vintage Frame at the FleaMarket this past weekend and I wanted to get wood and spray paint to frame! To have my own Vintage looking Chalk Board to write notes on etc.
Would be fun to write the dinner menu if you have people over for dinner. Like my own little restaurant at home!

It was really easy to get done!

I went out to our back alley and spraypainted the piece of wood that I got at Home Depot .
I tested the paint first on another peace of wood to get a hold of the spraying techinque etc.

The trick is to always have an even flow and always move your hand! Back and forth about 15 cm away for the surface!
It turned out really great!

Karolin was making sure I did not mess up and kept me company.

It was the international Bundt Cake day and Nothing Bundt Cakes gave out free ones to the people on there email list and I was one of them! 
Here Karolin and I are enjoying a white chocolate raspberry one! Yum. Beyond yum. So moist!!!

After the cupcake festivities Fred and I headed up to Hollywood to go see Augustana at the Hotel Cafe
It was super fun and good!

Final result !!! Love my Chalk Board!

Hope you are having a great Wednesday! 



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