Hawaii Love

I really wanna go to Hawaii.

  • With Fredrik

And just relax. We have never been on a real vacation together were we just relax and not care about  business.

Fredrik really wants to go to Hawaii too! It's a perfect Sofia & Fredrik island. Cause I love hiking, we both love the beach and Fred loves the tropic water and It's just perfect!
Just drive around and enjoy everything!!!

I was looking at tickets and I found a Roundtrip + Hotel for 8 days for only $ 1602 for 2 persons. Thats soooooo good!

Now I wanna go even more. 

I would love to go to Maui or Kauai !
Need to do more research on Hawaii. Cause it would be so fun to go in like January!

i t   n e e d s   t o    h a p p e n    s o o n,  v e r y    s o o n

It's so close to California! 

D r e a m i n g     a w a y . . . . . . .


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