Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Disaster.

That is my home right now. So messy but so beautiful. Cause it's a creative mess... kind of reflects my brain and thoughts...
I have tons of projects on the go. sewing curtains, crafting, singing and listening to music while Im baking bread and sweets and tasty dinners!

This week I have been blasting this English group called The Staves 
They are sisters and there voices and magical! Check them out.
Perfect craft music at the little yellow house.


Beatrice came by in the begining of the week and had a fika with me! I haven't seen her in a year so it was so nice to get to catch up a little!

So happy I got to enjoy a hike this week as well!
I love hiking so much and wish I could do it everyday! It's a little tricky to get to a hike place without a car now when ours is broken down at the moment but I still get to go at least 2 times a week!
This time I went to Runyon Canyon cause I was in the hood!

Noticed this palmless trees on the way up! Kind of funny!

Christmas is here at Starbucks... But I think I will wait a few more weeks!

Wish they had Trader Joe's in Sweden. It's sooo fun! Best Best Best!!!

This week also included going to the Laundry Mat.


Cause it's real. Or I feel alive when Im there... And a little as Rachel in that Friends episode.... You know "The One With The East German Laundry Detergent"  Gosh people can start a fight over a laundry cart! But Im always being nice! 

One day Im going to sit in the cart. But not so comfy with that yet. But sooooon. Keep your eyes open!

Ohh. Check this place out!!! The Antique Mart in my neighborhood.
It's sooo awesome but soooo pricy!
But fun to look around!

So to wrap up my scaderd post. And week. 
I want you all to know.
That this week, it has been a baking week at our house.
And this two last mornings I have been serving Scones for breakfast!
Soo yum!

I hope ur week was great!
I will update my weekend as soon as it's over!



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