Thanksgiving and 1:a Advent in SoCal

This past week was so fun!
But long, the weekend started on Wednesday night due to Thanksgiving on Thursday and lasted all the way to Sunday.
Finally Monday and back on track!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent it at our friends place and ate tons of turkey, pie, sweet-potatoes and everything that belongs to the thanksgiving table.

The weather has been fantastic. So hot and sunny and we have been trying to be outside as much as possible.
On saturday Fred and I went down to the beach, biked around watched the ocean and 4 dolphines surpriced us in the ocean. A surfer was a feet away from them. I would love to be that close to dolphines.
It was such an amazing thing to see on a beautiful day like Saturday. After the dolphin watching we went to Cha Cha Chicken for som Carribian food. I love that place. You can bring your own alcohol and the place make you feel like you are on a tropical island.

We have been chillin the whole weekend. Just taking it easy and loading our batteries. On Sunday morning we went swimming at an outside pool and then we had a little Swedish 1:a Advent gathering at our house. I baked Lusse Katter and we drank glögg and lit our first candle.

Who is exited to go swimming??

Today I woke up early after passing out early last night. Got ready and went downtown to our weekly Måndagsklubben. Today we went to the Flower district and got some christmas flowers and an Orchide and some christmas ribbons at the Fashion Districs and wrapped it up with a lunch at  Gram & Papa's. It was really good. Huge fresh salads. I love Downtown and everytime I go I discover something new.

Now Im finally home, baking some bread for the week and planting my orchide. ! Oh. And here is a pic of my new toilet paper holder. Got a little inspired by Mr.Kate. Check it out.

A tree that hugs a tree.

Downtown is making it happen. Here is the first ever bike lane in a different color than the street.


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