Dreams collide.

And sometimes they just go.
And sometimes it's to late for you to notice that they are fading away. To late to save them. But they will still always be there and bug you. Cause they know you still dream them. In some way. That you feel incoplete without them. That you need to make them happen to make you happy. With out living and believing that your dreams will come true and that they really matter to you.

Dreams make you grow. Dreams make you happy and dreams create you.
So don't stop dreaming and believing in them.

I must admit that I have let my dreams go a little lately. And with lately I mean years. Slowly those 1.000.000 string holding the dreams to me have been untied and set free slowly. Without me telling them to.
It's not to late for me to save my dreams. All the strings are not lose yet.

This is a reminder to me and to you.
Before it's to late.
I'm going to hold on. Cause I know that my dreams will always be there. But they will make me cry if I don't believe in them. And don't fight for them.

I feel like my life is the rubic cube and I'm the one trying to solve it. Im twisting and turning. Get one row done but to make another color complete I have to break the one I just solved.. I'm twisting and turning...
Twisting and turning.
I know it's possible but sometimes I just wan't to let it go for I while cause I know I can't finish the whole thing. Go all the way. I just want to through that rubic cube on the floor. And walk away.

But I can't everytime I look at it I feel guilty. I pick it up. Try one more time. Cause I know it's possible. I keep trying.
But it's like a circle.  you know.

Today was a day like that. I just wanted to put that cube on fire. It really made me angry.

I'm really thankful for everything I have but I feel caged. I'm in the land of the free but my freedom is limited. But I know I can make it happen! I can get free. Just need to solve that freekin cube.
And I keep dreaming. New dreams. That work with my old dreams. Cause I will never forget them. Just solve them. Arrange them into colors,.... and make the cube. WORK.

Blogging a little and have this coffee made everything much better.

Love to you all.

And hugs.



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