Happy Birthday Mary!

                                         Yaaaaaay Today is the day!
or as we would say it in sweden:

Idag är det ingen vanlig dag för det är Marys födelsedag. HURRA HURRA HURRA

The day one of my best friends was born! What would I do without her???

Im so sad I can't celebrate it by her side but Im doing my best from over here in Sweden!

I have the candles burning on my table and Im thinking about her and wish that her day will be as beautiful and lovely as she is!!!

I remember cutting a rose for Mary from my yard right before I left for Sweden. So Mary, imagine it was your birthday flower from me. I prob. knew somehow deep inside that I would be oceans apart on your birthday and gave it to you a little early!
Last year on Marys birthday I filled her whole living room with ballooooons and surprised her when she got home!

 If I haven't told you yet, Mary is a super talented photographer and writer! I love her blog and I love all her photos! She is a lover of love and a  lover of life and she inspires me everyday! Im so happy to have you in my life MARY.

I love you mary and miss you

Have a great day!



Photos stolen from marys facebook page.  * sorrry mary! 


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