pour te by Johan & Nyström

All my friends knows how much I love tea. And one of my big dreams is to have my own little mix.

But there is one tea and coffee company that a really love. Im planing to take a barista class there now before summer. And the company is Swedish and called Johan & Nyström. They have a concept store in Stockholm at Mariatorget and I really recommend a visit!

Me and my boyfriend had some iced Pour te from Johan & Nyström the other day! It was sooo good!!! And they just got out with 2 new flavors just in time for Summer!

Pour tea have there own webiste

They have a good quality a big coffee and tea passion and they are fairtrade and fair to our planet.

The fun thing about pour te is that each bottle have an unique messege inside. And its not pour te s messege. You can text a messege to pour te and they make shure it comes as a messege in one of there bottles! How fun isn't that??

like pour te said:

The thoughts you can read in the bubbles are not ours, we just make shure they end up here.

Have a great day!

Im going out to continue my Stockholm job hunt!




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