Happy Valentines Day, With a lill' help from a friend.

it's kind of beautiful. that Valentine's Day is mentioned by Ophella in Hamlet (1600-1601).

- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5

my lucky nr. 5.

all we need is love. 
Like John lennon wrote and performed in the group the beatles.

like The Beatles Manager said, :  "The nice thing about it is that it cannot be misinterpreted. It is a clear message saying that love is everything." 

Love is everything.
It's so easy to get lost in this world. Get lost in yourself or forget  the most important thing in your life.

We keep wanting more and more. And after a couple of days or weeks we are are tired of that new Tv, bike, what ever we desired so much that would make us the happiest girl or guy in the world. Im the same. I keep wanting things and I forget to see what I have, I get lost. So on Valentines day. I want to spent the day trying to be less self absorbed. And try to  give love everday and learn to appriciate the little things even more. Everyday. I wanna do something I love everyday. And do something for someone else everyday.

 love is what I live for. As long as I have love in my life. I can move a mountain. I can make it happen.
Or as long as I desire love or want to love someone, I can make it happen, I can move a mountain.
It can be the smallest thing. as long as you love something. someone.

We need to love more. We need to show more love and give more love. Everyday. 

Last week I spent a day together with on of my best friends Zandra. I've missed here alot, but everytime we meet it's like the last time was yesterday. We first meet in LA and became really good friends right away. I remember the first day we hung out and went to Santa Monica. I buried her in the sand. And then we went to the mall and bought a package of underwear and split it 2 for the price of one  aswell as home fragrance at the body shop. Buy 2 pay for one. We thought we made a really good deal being 2 people spliting things and saving money, haha. We are much alike Zandra and I, and I was devestated when she moved back to Sweden. She was the one friend I spent most of my time hanging with. We sang together, we cooked, planted flowers,. We loved life every day. When she went back to Sweden I was there, without my best friend. And I never thought I could find a friend like her in LA, but a little over a year went by and I found friends that I now cant live without Friend that I miss and care about so much that It hurts inside. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. And it sucks being far aways from them. Everything happens for a reason. And right now Im in Sweden. And I think Im supposed to be here right know. Maybe I need to feel the distance. Or I need to learn that life is hard. All the time. Life is a lesson. But I have loving people around me and that makes it easier to walk trough the fire and through hard times.
Zandra said something cleaver last week:
. You have to do something you love everyday. It can be the smallest thing. But it will make you happy. 
We spent the day singing, laughing, talking about everything. When I look back at the pictures we took of eachother running across the field outside my boyfriends house I wear a big smile on my face.  I did something I loved that day. hanging out with a friend that I loved.  And It made me happy. Not just in the moment but It will make me happy forever.

Happy Valentines Day

  • All u need is love,
  • love is all u need.

  • Have a great great day. Tons of Love

beatles pic used from www.wilsonsalmanac.com


KarolinHannah said...

Vad fint=).. Jag blir helt varm o glad när jag läser det!

Mary Frances said...

i love you so much sofia. this is such a beautiful post. thank you for sharing. you are so amazing and one of the most amazing loves of my life. I am so grateful for you.

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