Copenhagen, With Love.

I went to Copenhagen 2 weeks ago.

 If you are a lover of Interior design and home decor this is the place to go. or if you like PÖLSE, the Danish red hot dog. I tasted it but I must say, It didn't taste good at all in my mouth. It was taste less. The danish wienerbrod tho, melted like butter in my mouth!

I love Danish designs and interior. So I was really exited to go to Dannmark and Copenhagen.
I had looked forward to visit the store Gronlycke. They accually had a teacontainer that I got in Varberg 3 weeks ago. Loved all the small things they had and the fabrics and pillows. But I had to limit my shopping so I could bring it home.

We stayed at an old Magazin called Admiral Hotel just right by the water at Nyhavn. The building was really old and the arcitechture was incredible.
Spent most of the day strollin around "stroget" the long shopping street surrounded by tons of side streets and alleys with alot of cute stores.

We had some places we wanted to go to, but mostly we strolled around and enjoyed the city pulse. I got a Skinny Vanilla Latte at an Espresso bar:).

At night we went out for dinner at Bryggeriet, an brewery in Copenhagen that served amazing food. I had lamb shoops. My favorite! And they were cooked perfectly. It just melted in my mouth. Yummm. I was turning 25 so I asked for a good drink with some alcohol in it and told him to give me something to celebrate with. And he told me he would bring something with apple in it and then 10 min later he gave me a glas of  orange juice Alcohol % = 0.0 . He was not good at English. I gave up trying to make him understand english so I orded the house red wine.

I really want to go back to Copenhagen in the summer. It's supposed to be amazing. All the bars are open and there is live music everywere.

 I saw this  round "Bird on a branch" container in a magazin a fue weeks ago and I was going " I WANT I WANT I WANT IT" so I was so exited when I saw it in this cute coffee shop. BUT. We were not able to open it. The staff tried with knifes and everything. So I didn't get it. But Im gonna look for it somewhere else.

Now, looking back at the photos Im looking forward to travel to Copenhagen again in the summer.
And bring a bigger bag for shopping!

I hope you had a great weekend! 

Tons of love,


Dominique said...

hahahah..jag skrattade så när jag såg latteskylten! klockrent

Mary Frances said...

So amazing! I feel like those shops were made for you! I see what you meant by wanting to bring the whole store home. Can we go here please?

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