Runyon Canyon hike!!

Took my big ass a went on a hike with Petra and her pup Sawyer! He is the cutest!
I miss Runyon Canyon so much! I used to live right by the entrance and I hiked everyday! It's kind of stupid to have to sit in traffic for at least 30 min to hike! But yesterday I was going to Hollywood anyways so I figured I might as well squeeze a hike in there:-) and I'm so happy I did!

It's such a beautiful day today! It has been raining during the night, woke up around 5 and was like "omg my tomatoes, they don't want tooo much water so I grabbed an umbrella for my plant! So they had a safe night! Puuuhh!

I'm in a hiking mood so I think I'm going to try a hike at Temescal Canyon today that has a waterfall!!

Sawyer is the cutest! Petra and Todd rescued him a few weeks ago! Here he is, so tired ! Climbed his first hike and Runyon and enjoying the breeze and view!

Have a fun weekend!!



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