a little bbq

Love spontaneous dinners and hangouts!
Tonight we decided to BBQ.
The weather has been so nice today so we wanted to spent it outside as much as possible!
We went to the grocery store and bought some salmon!
I love wrapping it in aluminum foil and add tons of good spices, lime, garlic and olive oil and it bakes itself on the grill and becomes sooo yummie!

Just grab a piece of foil and add the stuff you love and wrap it up! You can put it in the oven or on the Baaab!!!
Along with it we had potatoes in the oven, salad, goat cheese and my special garlic cream! Yumminess!

The other day my girls came over to hang out for a couple of hours! They went through all my craft boxes and made tons of pretty jewelry pieces! Love them and wish I could see them more often!

Cant believe how big they have gotten! 

 Karolin (a.k.a. karoulla) is  prepping our potatoes for there browling session in the oven!

The salmon is getting wrapped in foil! Give love and you will get love!

Hey Sweden! A glas of wine is ok on Wednesdays! (or two.. or 3?)

Im not growing weed! It's my tomato babies that have gotten huge!!!

This was a good way to end this wednesday! Tomorrow morning Im heading to Hollywood for a hike with Petra! Can't wait!




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