My Little Sister

I have a little sister.
Her name is Johanna and I love her!

But I don't love that we live so far away and get to see each other every 2 years. 
I hate that big time.
I was craving some Johanna time and decided to fly down to Crete in Greece and visit her.

It was cheaper to buy 2 tickets with a hotel room than a single one so I brought a friend. In this case Angelica. After asking tons of friends to join for free to Greece  I finally  found her. Angelica is my boyfriends childhood friend. Everyone had final exams that week and could not skip them to come with me to Greece but I was so happy Angelica could join me!

My sister works at this beautiful hotel  Alexandra Beach in Agia Marina outside of Chania on the greek island called Crete ( I used to live on Cretes east coast when I was a little girl).

Angelica and I stayed at a hotel called Atrion. It was perfect. Not to big just perfect! They had a nice pool a pool bar and the rooms were clean and neat. Perfect! All that we needed. Cause I hate spending all my time and to much money at a Hotel. I love exploring the city and hang out by the beach!

We took the days as they came, and I love that. I love to forget about time and just live and enjoy the moment!
I was so happy to finally meet my sisters fiancee Costas and there dog Irma! I haven't visit her in Greece so it was nice to see how she lives and her life style.
Although I need to mention it here. Johanna Im not happy with your smoking!

Angelica and I made some trips into Chania and Johanna joined us the last day aswell.
All the small street in Old town are so amazingly beautiful.

My camera was hot taking photos of everything.
I love that the houses have different colors and they don't look the same. All the houses have a history and it's magical to walk around there.
They have many good restaurant around old town and by the harbor. And it was so cheep. a full bottle of wine was under €10. And we order tons of food for so little money.

O my how we ate.
The best food was served at a taverna in Agia Marina Called Skala. The staff was so friendly and the ambience and food was amazing. We enjoyed 3 dinners there and had a great time.

We went on one day trip to Gramvousa and it was beyond amazing. The water was soo blue and beautiful. We went on a 25 min bus ride to Kisamos from Agia Marina and then took a boat to Granvoussa and Ballos beach! It was beautiful. I can't say it with words so I will let the pictures talk.

I can't wait to see my little sister sooon again! Please Johanna, come see me here in California!!

Hugs & kisses


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