long time, no see

I haven't blogged for such a long time.
I had so much to blog about all of a sudden, so I did not know where to start!
But now Im back! Not only back to blogging but back in Southern California!
I can't describe with words how happy I am. Me and Fred have been stuck in Sweden for 9 months. Un unexpected super long Christmas break!

So, a few weeks ago I went down to the O.C and hung out with Natalie &  Kaylee. I took some photos of them, totally unplanned on our way to the grocerystore! Check them out!
I don't know how to upload them with high res so I hope this ones work for now!

 Natalie really looks like Jessica Biel on this photo below

 Natalie is doing her pretty hippie dance!

 Kaylee is Natalie's boyfriends sister! They do look like sisters,... The other day when I showed this photos for my friend. She was like - did Natalie change outfits? .

Natalie and I haven't seen each other since the week before I went to Sweden,.. the first week in December last year... Finally we get to see each other again for real not through a webcam via Skype!
The only thing that still sucks is that we have to travel on the Los Angeles Disaster to get to each other, depending on traffic it can take hours... So we really have to plan out out hangouts!

Im so happy to be back n blogging! And back in Cali!!

Love from California


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