mom and I strolling around in venice, ca

My mom came to visit me. We have been bissy, hiking the L.A mountains, eating tons of food and biking around the beach. Here are some photos from our day in Venice. We biked alot and strolled around by the Venice Canals in Venice. Just a couple blocks away from the beach. It's a hidden paradise.

I walked around and took tons of pictures, pictures of small animals and pictures of frowers.

I think I have that after my granma. She loves to take photos, and she loves taking photos of flowers.

I took photos while my mom walked next to me and told me the correct name of each flower, the Latin name. 
I call them flowers.

I call all of them flowers,  beautiful flowers.

This is my favorite, my iris.

my favorite flower iris, it grows all around our house. It's not an coincidence. It's ment to be.
I know that.   You and I and iris. That's how it's ment to be.

as my mom would call it  Dietes iridioides amatola 

family: Iridaceae   A.K.A. African Iris, Fortnight Lily, Morea Iris

It's good to know sometimes.


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