Tylosand, With Love

For you who don't know, my favorite color is Yellow.
I love it. It calms me and its just a perfect color. I love tons of other colors but If I was stranded on an island and I had to pic a color to bring. A would pic yellow.
Im not so used to hanging out in the Swedish West coast but I must say, 
It's beyond beautiful.

Come away with me. In the night. Come away with me. And I will write you a song.
I love yellow fields. And I wish it was summer right now. I would sit in the yellow gras. And I would write you a song. 

Me and my boyfriend went to his favorite place over the day. It's called Tylösand.( there is an ikea sofa named after that place)  And during the summer it is packed with people and live music and It's just amazing. He took me here for the first time  about 5 years ago. And I fell in love. It feels like your in Greece or Spain. The beautiful beach the hot ocean. It is beautiful.

The have tons of live music at Hotel Tylosand. One of my fav. cover bands Duo Jag rock that place every summer. Check them out!
It was nice to see Tylosand during the winter. We got there 1 hour before the sun went down. And the sand looks sooo orange. I love the sand dunes and I had to write Feeling Free in the sand. But I was so scared to mess it up and I had to do it fast so I accidently spelled it with only one e. ooops. 
 yellow. yellow . yelow.

I hope you had a beautiful Weekend!

I did. Tomorrow I will upload some pictures of my sunday funday!

Tons of love




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